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Recommended 4 Dog Walk Policy

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

There has been much debate and media coverage of late on how many dogs should be walked by professional dog walkers at any one time. Standard practice is the maximum number of dogs that can be walked should not exceed insurance policy recommendations. This tends to be 6 dogs for most insurers. However, if the local council says no more than four, this is the figure dog walkers have to adhere to.

The largest National Association of Pet Sitters (NARPS) suggest walking a maximum of 4 dogs however, The Kennel Club oppose the drive to restrict the number of dogs a professional dog walker can walk at a time. They released a statement arguing that:

"The maximum number of dogs a person can walk in a controlled manner depends on a number of factors relating to the dog walker, the dogs being walked, whether leads are used and the location the walking is taking place."

As a professional dog walker myself, I am only happy walking a maximum of five well trained, socialised dogs at a time. Most of my walks range between 3-5 dogs. I firmly believe I have greater control and time to attend to each dog and they all enjoy the care and attention I can provide on their walks.

Ultimately, dog walkers must endeavour to stick to local council guidelines, with fines of over £100 in place for anyone walking more than the maximum amount of dogs. That said, it is important to remember insurance policies and local council guidelines differ, so always check both to be sure.

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