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Paulas Birthday Holy Nature Nudistspart1rar janaell




wp:8080/ ), Verror: # You're entering the forbidden zone. The naked truth of the naked world is hidden here only for the select few. Don't worry we're not here to judge you. We're just here to spread a little love in the world and pass a little knowledge along the way. Lets spread some love and have some fun! You are entering the land of Naturist (nudism), have you ever heard of it? "Naturism is the belief that the human body is the healthiest and most beautiful form of self-expression and recreation. It is the lifestyle of having a total respect for one's own body and for others as a way of being free and responsible for ones own life. In order to feel free, one has to see others as equal, and not judge their body, their colors, their features, their gender, their family, their age, their size, their needs, their beliefs. In this kind of lifestyle, one respects others, their bodies, their rights and their privacy." Really it all depends on your definition of the word "Nude" (nude). "Nude" may mean different things to different people. In the world of naturism there are a lot of variations of what "Nude" means. You might be sitting here thinking, "what is this whole 'Nude' thing?" Or you may be thinking "where is this place that they are talking about? Are they serious?" NO! NO! NO! We aren't talking about anything that is dirty or wrong. We are talking about freedom of mind, of body, of spirit, of lifestyle, of privacy, and of choice. What we are talking about is natural law. You see we are all born with an ability to focus and to concentrate. We are born to learn and to learn about ourselves and our connection to all the living things in this world. If we learn how to do this then we can all learn how to "live" (nudity) comfortably. This is the real reason we have the Naturist Movement. We are all born with the ability to be "Nudists" the naked ones. We are all born with a connection to our own special brand of God, some call it God, some call it Nature or Mother Earth. This is where we all are connected. We are all sharing this moment of time together and it is for each of us to define what "Nude" means to each of us. For



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Paulas Birthday Holy Nature Nudistspart1rar janaell

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