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Pleasington Paws Walks

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

My brief to customers is that their dog will be walked in beautiful woodland settings and scenic trails, away from busy roads and parks full of distractions. I am extremely lucky therefore to live in an area surrounded by an incredible choice of woodlands and trails when walking my Pleasington Paws dogs. Many of my walks are set in and around woodland trails, with scenic water views, flowing streams and an abundance of wildlife and fauna. My walks allow for your dog to explore amongst the trees, splash and paddle in streams, wander over moorland trails, play with thier doggy chums and offer a range of terrains perfect for maintaining good exercise/health benefits for your dog. All of these provides a perfect combination of experinces a dog needs on a walk. There are so many opportuniities for your dog to splash about in water on my walks, which is a real bonus for water loving dogs. In the summer months, the woodland canopy of leaves and endless water also allows for a safe and cool environment for your dogs to walk in, keeping them nice and cool. I pride myself on the locations and settings I walk my Pleasington Paws dogs and know how much my dogs love their walks.


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