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Trans K9 Lintran Dog Cage

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The safety of your pet when being transported by Pleasington Paws is paramount. With this in mind, I have invested in the Trans K9/B6 Dog Cage. The Trans K9 cage is designed for optimum safety, and with a professional finish and strategic design, it makes a fantastic fit for my pet dedicated dog walking vehicle. It's features include key locking door handles for added security, anti slip rubber mats, anti bacterial powder coating finish, removable central panel for larger dogs and an emergency rear entry escape door in the event of the rear tailgate becoming inoperable. It is also designed specific to your vehicle make and model, ensuring a perfect fit.

The K9 cages are also crash tested at the Universtiy of the West of Scotland to ensure the maximum safety of your dog. In addition to the K9 Lintran cage, I offer transportation using fully secure dog harnesses, and secure pet car seats. These transport solutions often suit the smaller dog breeds in my group. Pleasington Paws dogs are always very happy and extremely calm when being transported as they feel secure and safe on their journey to and from walks.

As a professional dog walker, I take health and safety very seriously. With that in mind I am able to unload the cages, jet wash them down and give them a thorough clean, ensuring complete peace of mind for my customers that their dog will be transported in a clean and hygienic vehicle at all times.

I can truly say, that investing in the Trans K9/B6 dog cage has been one of Pleasington Paws best investments to date and I would highly recommend them, not only for professional dog walkers, but for dog owners too.

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